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Release Notes


A list of changes and additions to the XSLT stylesheets are included below. The Latest version is the most recent version currently in development, which hasn't yet been released.


  • Character import can force display of character point cost.
  • PageXML now allows images to have a max width (won't work in IE).


  • Support for block level notes in PDF and HTML.
  • Basic support for Vehicles in Yags.
  • Fixed bug where level 5 headings weren't displayed in PDF.
  • Added align tag to image display in PageXML.
  • Tables in PageXML now correctly handle complex children.
  • Equipment lists can include multiple files.
  • Fixed bug in PDF technique lists to allow trees to span multiple files.


  • Armour and weapon properties shared between all rendition types.

Added in new properties for modern weapons and armour.


  • Now displays firearm specific info in equipment lists.
  • The reach of melee weapons is displayed on character blocks.


  • Better display of character information.
  • Added option to show/hide point values of character templates etc.

Defaults to false, so they are now hidden.

0.8.0 - 14th April 2006

  • Support for examples in main body text.
  • Support for quotes in main body text.
  • Technique tree now displays techniques with missing prerequisites.
  • Changed 'Stamina' to be 'Health'. Breaks compatibility.

0.7.0 - 25th March 2006

  • Changed 'Charisma' to be 'Empathy'. Breaks compatibility.
  • Added tags for each attribute, for easier listing of skill rolls.
  • HTML renditions now support the masked tag for sections.
  • Summary text in HTML encyclopedia now has excess whitespace stripped.
  • Support for externally set parameters.

0.6.1 - 22nd Jan 2006

  • Fix PDF display of advantages - was ignoring @type attribute.
  • Fix PDF display of characters - missing techniques and equipment.
  • Allow limited skills.
  • Enable import of skills to import multiple skill lists.
  • Enable skill lists to reference multiple sets of techniques.
  • Fixed display of armour statistics in brief equipment list.
  • Removed section numbering from PDFs. This had broken with imported sections, and since HTML doesn't use it, it didn't make a lot of sense to use it for PDF either.
  • sect1 elements can now import from external files.
  • Yags skill equations copes with no skill.
  • Fixed rendering bugs in HTML weapon tables.

0.6.0 - 20th Dec 2005

  • In Yags, passions are now traits, so changed the XML for these.
  • Improved display of advantages to include commas.
  • Encyclopedia entries now tries for a better summary in the

Dublin Core metadata (uses first paragraph).

  • Standard advantages now list prerequisites and forbiddon advantages.
  • Other general fixes.
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