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-====== header ====== 
-The <​[[header]]>​ element of an <​[[/​xml/​article]]>​ contains all the meta data about it, including the title, author and license information. 
-<code xml> 
-  <​title>​An Article</​title>​ 
-  <​tagline>​Yagsbook</​tagline>​ 
-  <​summary>​ 
-    An example article which a short summary. 
-  </​summary>​ 
-  <​author>​ 
-    <​fullname>​Samuel Penn</​fullname>​ 
-    <​email>​</​email>​ 
-  </​author>​ 
-  <​cvsinfo/>​ 
-  <​license/>​ 
-===== title ===== 
-The title of this article. This is displayed in the header bar of each page. 
-**Examples:​** "Core Rules",​ "​Character",​ "​Bestiary"​ etc 
-===== tagline ===== 
-Secondary heading, shown in the footer of each page. This is often the name of the rules system. For example, all YAGS articles have a tagline of "​YAGS"​.